September 16, 2011

I love to blog!

I don't know what it is! I love to sit down at the computer and go clackety-clack and see my words appear before me on the screen. It's beautiful. It's lovely. I love it.

Latest happenings in our household-

I threw out my back last night. 3 weeks ago, when we were moving boxes, I injured my back and I thought it had gotten better. Last night I took out the trash and when I bent down to pick up the bag to throw it in, my back froze. I was paralyzed for a second there. I yelled and freaked Jonah out. I told him to get Josh. Thank goodness he was home!

I was able to move after a few seconds and went in and laid down. I laid there for 3 hours. Josh made dinner, cleaned up dinner (with the help of the kids), put them to bed and then I got a blessing. That really helped. Oh, we also called Dave- our brother in law who is a PA- and got lots of helpful hints and ideas. It's so nice to have a PA (and a Dr.) for our brother in laws!!!

I was able to get up into bed and we iced it. I woke up in pain and cried. Then read Unbroken for several hours.

It's amazing how I had never appreciated the use of my back before. Ever.

Now, this morning, I can move! I can get up, go to the bathroom, give my kids hugs (smallish ones) and sit up. I have never been so thankful for a working back in all my life.

I am thankful.

I am blessed.

And I can go to the bathroom without any assistance at all.

My name is Megan Abbott.

-Funny kid happening: Asher got student of the week and I was helping him fill out a sheet of his favorites. I asked him what his favorite color was- green. And then what he loved: he said YOU! What a cutie!


Fox and Amy said...

Asher is so cute! Lame about your back, though. And I would have never thought you would get a snake--does it eat mice? I love that you love blogging, because I love to read your blogs! Love you!

Pink Panda said...

Yes, Amy, it eats mice! Right now she eats thawed from frozen pinkies. I was going to thaw them and feed her but I got grossed out and Josh did it for me. We fed her tonight and she ate it while we watching a movie. She eats once a week and goes to the bathroom once a week.

Larissa said...

Yeah I could never have a snake because of feeding it mice - altough its nature I could not do it! I had back issues for about 6 months before Shay was born and BOY oh Boy I know what you mean - I used to shrug it off when people said they have back issues, but now I totally get it becasue every move you make affects your back and therefore causes pain, etc. How is your back now?