September 17, 2011

Elizabeth is 9!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! This year just flew by. Can it be September 17th already? Here are 17 little known facts about Elizabeth Renee Abbott as she turns nine:

1. She asked for a desert themed birthday cake this year.

2. She shares a birthday with her friend Miranda from Maryland and is less than a day younger than her cousin Paul Larsen.

3. She loves to write notes and letters to people, although most of them never get finished or given. As of today she has one note in her backpack, one on her dresser and one she's planning to write.

4. Elizabeth has a penpal who lives in Texas named Bethany.

5. Elizabeth and Josh get along quite well. He gets her and because of that he does most of her problem solving and pep talks.

6. Elizabeth LOVES to dance. She is often found in her room dancing to music in her head. She relates her happiest moments to ones where music was playing.

7. One of those happiest moments was her first-ever Activity Days and she was driving in the car with her friends Mary and Madison and the sun was setting and a fun song was playing.

8. The other happiest moment(as she told me) was when she was at a swim team meet and they played the song "Baby, you're a firework." She just danced and danced in her swimsuit on the deck. Memorable.

9. She really cares about other people and tries to help them feel better.

10. She really wants a sister to play with. We recently got a baby snake and when we found out it was a girl, she said "finally!"

11. She is a good helper around the house and can usually step in when my hands are full.

12. She is named after her Grandma Betty- my Dad's Mother and after Grandmother Renee- Josh's Grandmother.

13. She likes to swim.

14. She loves to draw (but doesn't do it often enough).

15. She likes Arizona.

16. She likes to do active things- hiking, walking, riding her bike.

17. She is the sweetest daughter anyone could ask for and I love her more than the world!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.


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WE love Elizabeth! Such a sweet girl!!!