August 16, 2011

You know it's hot when...

4. The trees trunks are painted white as a kind of "tree sunscreen" so they won't get sun damage.

5. Your kids are required to wear sunscreen to school and bring a water bottle every day.

6. It is still 85 degrees at 3 am in the morning. No going for a walk to cool off.

7. Nightly showers become a must in order to fall asleep.

8. The ceiling fan must be partnered with a standing fan and air conditioning set at 80 to cool down.

9. Your air conditioning can only be set at 80 unless you want a bill that is almost the same as your food bill.

10. Your snickers icecream bar melts almost completely on the 3 minute drive home from you Super Walmart.

I'm counting down until October- when things will cool off! Mostly!!!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.


Barbara said...

Yes, I am the first to comment because I, too, am up at almost 4am :(

I spent June of 2008 in Phoenix and our first day of rehearsals I thought I was going to pass out and I was just sitting and reading along with the cast! It was just so hot and we hadn't gotten any air flowing through the rehearsal house. It was terrible. But then you kind of get use to it? Find a pool and spend your days there? Good luck!

kristen said...

its good to have you back! I have never heard of that kind of heat. I always thought that deserts cool down at night because there is no humidity to keep in the heat. Maybe it is cool at the library or other places where someone else pays for the air conditioning.

Fox and Amy said...

Haha! I love this--I just told Fox this morning, "I can't wait until October!" We have heat rash constantly! You guys need to find a pool and fast! Hope the first week of school goes great. Love ya!

Joanie said...

Hint: I take a cooler with several frozen blue ice in it where ever I go here in Victorville. I keep my water bottle in there and any grocery items that I don't want to thaw out before I get my other errands done. It's all STRATEGY when you live in the desert.
So sorry it doesn't cool down at night for you.