August 12, 2011

We are almost there!

We have almost arrived in our new hometown of Gilbert, Arizona! I am blogging from my Android phone at a Comfort Inn at Santa Rosa, New Mexico. I couldn't help posting from on the road! After a 9 hr day tomorrow we will have arrived in Gilbert, AZ. After a 6 day trip across almost the whole United States, including a stop to visit my dear sister molly and her lovely family in St. Louis, Missouri, a stop to sweet Jen and Uche (Josh's sister and our brother-in-law) and two hotel stays, we have almost arrived. School for all 4 of the Abbott children starts on Monday- with Asher starting his elementary school/career in kindergarten, so we are not at all busy. ;)

We packed up our very last few belongings unto our ABF trailer last Saturday morning, finished sweeping and mopping a few floors with the help of our Aunt and Uncle Craig and Ellen Abbott and children- who were literally life savers on several occassions during our move), ran to the store to buy a car top carrier to hold the very last few items that we wouldn't live without and we were off!

Four hours into the trip, at around 7:30 pm on Sat., near Washington, Pennsylvania we heard strange bumping noises coming from our car. Upon pulling over, we discovered that our tire had begun to shred- metal spokes were sticking out all along the top and the tread was barely hanging on. Grateful that it was neither dark yet nor raining (which we ran into many times this trip, we unloaded our belongings onto the side of the road, changed the tire, found a new hotel and waited until Sunday to have it fixed. And we were on the road again- albeit late.

I had a thought to share but it will have to wait until later as my thumbs are turning numb and this post has turned lengthy. Know that we love you all and are very thankful for your prayers as we travel across this beautiful country! Pictures to come!

Megan and family

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