August 3, 2011

Until Next Time

The next time I blog, I will be blogging from the warm, sunny climate of Gilbert, Arizona! Originally I was just thrilled to be going on this GRAND adventure- moving our smallish family across the country. I love planning things. I love imagining things. I love hoping and wishing and dreaming.

And then the work sets in. The boxes are gathered and bought, the rooms and items sorted and organized, the children let to their own imaginations to create toys out of plain old packing materials. And I get lost. Lost in the execution of it all.

Finally, this morning, while I finished packing up my bathroom so I wouldn't trip over anything when I got out of the shower, I made a DECISION. I was going to be GRATEFUL. Grateful that we have the money to make this move. Grateful that we have a new and lovely place to move to that we are renting and not having to buy- just yet! Grateful that Josh gets this whole week off to help me watch the kids, run errands and pick up big heavy boxes I can't lift on my own.

We've woken up every morning weary to the bone. But I am grateful. Grateful that my body can work this hard. Grateful that we decided to buy some movie tickets to the final Harry Potter movie for tonight (in 3D! Yay for coupons!) Psst- and I hear the 3-D glasses are shaped like Harry Potters! hee hee! And I'm just thrilled and grateful to be doing this with such a funny person as Josh and such cute kids as my own.

Until next time,


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Barbara said...

First off - yes, the glasses ARE shaped like Harry's glasses, and they are fabulous! I hope you all enjoy the movie, we certainly did :)

Secondly - I really appreciate your decision to be positive about your move. In the past couple days I've realized how much work we have cut out for us with our own move and It is stressing me out! I will try to take a page out of your book and be grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Best of luck with the move!