August 26, 2011

Our Cross-Country Trip, Part 4- New Mexico and AZ!

Scenes from a rest stop in New Mexico. Here's Asher with a Native American chief! It was quite sunny!

Bathrooms at the rest stop as well- or maybe it was a souvenir shop!

We saw a lot of sky and land as we traveled from Oklahoma and New Mexico on that Friday.

Picture done by Josh. He likes to steal my camera and play around with it a little. He takes wonderful pictures!

Home Sweet Home! Us in front of our rental home. It was built in 2006 and is a lovely 4 bed, 3 bath. Like I said before the extra bed and full bath is downstairs, so if anyone wants to come visit let us know!!!


Joanie said...

Love the Contintental Divide sign..what city was that picture taken in?

Larissa said...

You made it! So is anyone in the extra bedroom downstairs or do the boys all share a room upstairs? We look forward to visiting!!