August 25, 2011

Our Cross-Country Trip, Part 3- Oklahoma!

The skies in Oklahoma are drop dead gorgeous!

On Tuesday night we stayed with Jen and Uche in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. They have a beautiful home and we so enjoyed visiting with them! We wish we could have stayed longer! We went swimming, visited the Conoco Philips Museum and went out to eat, plus ice cream! It was so nice and refreshing to take a break from the road and visit for a while.

Josh did most of the driving while I gave him a one to two hour break each day. Thanks, Babe!

The kids loved the two hotels we stayed in!

The 2 must haves for hotels with kids are 1. A hot breakfast and 2. a pool. The kids loved being able to swim at night and we loved that they got the needed exercise. One time I sent Josh with the kids to the pool and enjoyed a nice bath in the hotel room all by myself. Being in a car for 8 hrs a day with a lot of noise can be stressful! Then, we enjoyed hot waffles in the morning with the current news on tv. Oh, and we love free cable! Fun times!

At a dinner stop in New Mexico. The kids just had to see these prickly pear cacti close up! Ethan has his eyes closed- it's so bright!

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ps- look for our part 2 in the previous post!


Fox and Amy said...

Great pictures! How do Jen and Uche like living in OK? What do they do there? Staying in hotels is always the best when you're a kid, I think. Good times!

Jen said...

Amy and Fox--we quite like Oklahoma. There are lots of friendly people here, plus it's affordable and pretty (no mountains or ocean, but open country and lakes). Spring weather gets exciting with those severe thunderstorms, some of which are tornadic (a word I never heard until I came here). Uche works for ConocoPhillips, one of the biggish oil companies.

Larissa said...

I was just telling someone today that to stay in a hotel it must have free hot breakfast, pool and the availability to have the pack n play out of view (living room/bedroom type area) - totally agree! Fun to get to see so much of the US and some family along the way!