August 24, 2011

Our Cross-Country Trip, Part 2

On Monday night, we arrived at Molly and Doug's home in St. Louis, Missouri. This is the first time we have visited her in St. Louis and a bucket list item checked. She has a lovely home and a sweet, sweet family. We stayed the night and went to a children's museum called The Magic House the next day. The kids had a blast and I had fun taking some pictures. We left early the next day, on the road again.

This is blurry, but cute! Elizabeth and Anna playing a game on the phone.

Fun, fun Christian in the Bubble Room. The bubble had just popped!

All the kids. A bit blurry.

Sweet Baby Peter. He is such a doll. I loved, loved, loved holding him. What a sweet baby! He really has brought a lot of joy to the Larsen household!

Paul waving hi.

Anna is growing bigger and bigger. She is a sweet, helpful girl.

Charlotte- I love how there are pictures of Charlotte in each and every room. Her Spirit filled each corner of the home. We miss her!

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Larissa said...

aww miss all you guys!!! cute pics! cute kids!