August 18, 2011

Our Cross-Country Trip, Part 1

We left our small town in Maryland around 2 pm Saturday Aug. 6th- after packing up several last items, buying a car top carrier and finishing cleaning our house- and we were off! The almost 2,500 mile trip would take us about 36 hours for us to complete but first we had to say goodbye to some friends. Here are the kids, with one of the boys' best friends Andy, in front of our moving trailer, saying goodbye. We sure will miss Andy!

We also had to make one last trip to the Glen Echo park, since the kids needed a break from all that packing and riding a carousel was still on our Summer list of things to do. They had a blast!

And we were off! Through West Virginia and green trees and on to Ohio. As I mentioned before, we got a shredded tire just outside of Washington, MD and had to stop for the night. Luckily a Super-Walmart was open on Sunday and we fixed the tire and went on our way with no more incidents!

To be continued...

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