August 17, 2011

Online again!

My friend Diana took this picture of me for a gift for Josh for our last anniversary- I love it!

Josh and I went on a lunch date this afternoon to Olive Garden. It was amazing. We laughed. We talked. We ate breadsticks and then ate some more. I haven't gone out to lunch in a long time and I wondered why everyone was out eating lunch. Were they celebrating an occasion- like your last child so far making it to kindergarten? Or were they there to meet with friends and talk about old times? Or were they there to just simply eat. We will count this as our date this week and it was just lovely.

Afterwards, we stopped by Best Buy to pick a new wireless mouse since ours had stopped working (I am finally back online-- not counting my phone-- hooray) and then on to the business of our lives. Our lives have been like a working vacation. We both don't have any salaried jobs to go to, but we sure do have a lot to get done from sun up to sun down.

Life is such an adventure!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

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Larissa said...

Great photo Meg! You look great! Green is your color! And what fun! A lunch date on a weekday - have not done that for a long time!