August 31, 2011

Life on our toes

via Pioneer Woman

Josh and I have been going things together so much lately and I have LOVED it! We went to the gym together- for the first time ever- this morning and I learned that he likes to take his time and stretch whereas I like to do my set of 5 or so stretches and get outta there!

We went shopping together at the Mall and bought a weed whacker and some clothes. He let me buy Sees chocolates and we had to eat them fast before they melted in the crazy heat! I learned that I like creams and he likes nuts and chews.

We also visited one of our favorite places- the animal store: that mostly has very expensive, cute puppies and then we drooled over their cute little faces. My favorite is a mix between a pug and a dachshund. He is sooo adorable! Then We passed by the photo booth since it was too pricey and set a goal to do it next time!

I have loved spending this time with Josh. 1/2 of me hopes he never finds a job. The other 1/2 hopes he finds a job pretty quickly. Life. It keeps you on your toes!

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Larissa said...

It's always fun to reconnect on different levels with the hubby! Glad you got your Sees!!!