August 19, 2011

A few things-

Asher in the pool in our backyard keepin' cool. Oh, and those are Ethan's legs too!

A few things-

#1. Arizona DOES have mosquitoes! I just got bit by one right now. And I just finished killing one in the bathroom. Dang it. Turns out with the poor economy people have been foreclosing like mad and have been neglecting their pools, which turn into huge mosquito larva fests. Have you seen baby mosquitoes? I have and they are shaped like this- J- and they wiggle around like crazy. It's gross.

#2. Our house has been on the market for a couple of weeks. I'm so glad that I have my friend Kara who is a realtor and can look after our home for us until it is sold. She is having an open house this Sunday, so if you live in the area and always wanted to see my home stop on by (from 1-4 pm)! Kara just put pics up on facebook taken from one of those cool house photographers. You can go to facebook and look up Kara Crowley Hurley is my Real Estate agent and like her page to see the photos.

#3. I just drove home from a Super Target this morning and drove past 2 In-N-Outs!!! Two!!! And I didn't eat at a one. Yet. Aren't you proud of me? We ate a Rumbis the other day and their sweet potato fries were Heavenly but now I have to stick to our budget. Seriously.

#4. Seriously is now my boys (all 3!) favorite word. When they want to repeat the question but know that I will get frustrated if they ask the same question over and over they say seriously.


"Mom, where's my lunch box?"

"I don't know. Check your back pack."

"No! Seriously!!!"


"What's for dinner?"


"No, seriously!"

"Um, lasagna?"

This poor move has thrown them for a loop! Doesn't help we moved in a few days after school had already started (we came the 12th- it started on the 10th of Aug.). They've doing a lot of testing at school as well. Oh, and Ethan informed me this morning that he CANNOT wear his Avatar t-shirt to school since there is a kid in his class named Avatar.


This is my blog. My name is Megan.

ps- Oh, and a boy that sounds and looks like a girl is called a Dudette because that's what the tv says. Hmm.


Joanie said...

Seriously is one of my favorite words, too! Avatar for a kid's name? Sheesh. We saw mosquito larvae at Gold Hill Grandpa's..the little wiggly J shaped things. There should be a mosquito control dept. in the city you can call to bring over special fish that eat the larvae, but if a home has no occupants, who is gonna call?

Fox and Amy said...

Dudette...Avatar...Oh that is so funny! Your kids are cute! I'm glad you guys got a pool! What is Asher's school schedule like--full or half day?
Miss you and love you!

Larissa said...

That is funny! Does Elizabeth say seriously too or does she feel grown up. Hmm Avatar - strange...