August 22, 2011

Another round of "You know it's HOT when..."

You know it's HOT when...

-Your touch cell phone sticks almost completely to the side of your face.

-You run your laundry on a cold/cold cyle and the clothes come out warm.

-You can fill up the kiddie pool w/ warm water right away.

- You've almost always been able to run while wearing your garments and now there's no way.

This is my blog. My name is Megan A.

p.s.- psst...Did you hear? Nie Nie- one of my favorite bloggers who survived a plane crash with 80% of her body burned- is pregnant with baby #5. I am thrilled! Mostly for her and her family and partly because it shows me there is still hope in this world. And I need some hope in my life right now!

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