July 3, 2011

Wait and Be Happy

Today was Fast and Testimony meeting at Church. For the first Sunday of the month, every month, we fast for two meals and have a testimony meeting where anyone can stand up and bear their testimony- or talk about what they know about God and Jesus and their experiences.

A sweet Mother told of how she and her husband tries each and every day to teach their two young sons about the Gospel. She said recently they had been teaching their 3 yr. old about patience and she explained it to him this way- "Patience is when you WAIT and BE HAPPY".

That is so true. The testimony meeting, Sunday School and Relief Society all talked about learning to be patient. We learned that we should be like a little child- submissive to our Father's will- patient, humble and long suffering. As I read in Enos this morning I read how Heavenly Father said He would answer Enos's prayer and help convert the Lamanites "In his due time." He also said that He would answer Enos's prayer because His Father's had prayed for that as well.

I love the power of prayer. And I know that if we wait and be happy for things that we want, we will be blessed.

As I was trying to teach my own kids this principle at the dinner table, Ethan, my 7 yr. old, blurted out "Yeah and if you are having fun, that the time goes by really fast." It's so true. Sometimes our kids just astound us with the insightful things they say.

I am going to pack this summer with so many fun things, summer won't know what hit it. Or something like that.

Here's to a loving Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can ever imagine and to learning to WAIT and BE HAPPPY.

This is my blog. My name is Megan A.


DC Diva said...

Great post Megan! I'm so happy to know you. You are an awesome mom. :)

Ryan and Heather Bartron said...

Yes,yes, YES! It seems that you and I are waiting for a lot of the same things right now and you constantly inspire me with your happy attitude!