July 20, 2011

Pics from our trip to Arizona

Touching down in Phoenix, AZ

We booked our tickets to Phoenix at the end of May. It was to be a fact finding trip and boy did we find out a lot! We found out that we really, really like the place. Aunt Ellen and my friend T. watched the kids for us. Thanks, guys! We were gone 4 days- the longest we've ever been without them and I kept thinking "the kids would like that" or "I have to tell the kids about this." Good thing they are coming with us next time we go! We flew off on a Wednesday. Landed in Phoenix and toured the downtown until Josh's appointment with a law firm. While he met with them, I spent time online looking for houses on Craiglist and setting up appointments for the next day. The housing market is so hot there they wouldn't schedule anything with me until the day before. We stayed with a friend of Josh's from law school and it was so great to have someone in the area and tell us about what areas were good and bad.

See kids? There are cacti!

On Wednesday we saw six houses on our own and 2 with our real estate agent. 2 were our favorites, 1 was a possibility and the rest were definite nos. One had been broken into and the air conditioner stolen. The other had dead cockroaches and a dead bird. Scary! We had lunch at In-n-Out (Oh, baby!) and stopped at a Desert Book. We saw about 10-12 chapels while driving around. The Temple is Mesa but they are building another in Gilbert and also Tempe! It was 104 degrees but manageable compared to D.C.!

There are palm trees in Arizona! Love it! Phoenix reminds us of L.A. just not so crowded.

We stopped by and had pizza with my cousin Zack and Uncle Jimmy! It's been a long time since I've seen them- 5 years?- and it was great to get re-acquainted. They live in Northwest Mesa. Zack raises snakes and has about 15 of them. The boys will love visiting them! Uncle Jimmy does shooting as a hobby and showed us all of their fun things! It was so fun to get to see them and get to know them better!

We made a quick trip down to ASU in Tucson on Friday. This is an art sculpture near the museum of art. We went inside the museum as well and it was just inspiring! Beautiful works of art graced the walls. We are going to have to put some color on our walls when we live in the desert! We had dinner withanother of Josh's friends from law school and had a great time catching up.

The home that was on the top of our list and that we found out on Monday that we got! We'll be renting and it is 30 minutes from Phoenix and is off the 202 and the 60. We will live in Mesa but the kid's school is in Gilbert. All the kids will be in school and I'm just so sad that Asher will be in Kindergarten. Happy for him. Sad for me. We'll have a guest room with a full bathroom next door, so come and visit us! We love visitors! We'll be 6 hours from my home town and 10 hrs from Josh's Parents so I'm excited to be close to family! We pack up and leave 2 1/2 weeks from now and it's time to kick things into gear! We'll see how much blogging I can squeeze in!

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Missa said...

Good Luck with all you have to do! Our prayers are with you.

Ryan and Heather Bartron said...

How wonderful that things are working out. And hooray for being close to family. You will also be about 15 minutes from all my in-laws so we'll have to come see you next time we visit! good luck with your move!