July 7, 2011


Elizabeth using the Koolspoon! (She had just gone swimming while it rained and was cold!)

With lots of things happening lately in the Abbott household, I only have a minute.

Today I wanted to give a shout out to a brand new product on the market- Koolspoon. Josh's brother-in-law Troy just recently graduated and received his Masters in Business. While he was going to school and being the Father of five busy children, he came up with the idea to Koolspoon. I know I've mentioned it on here before but it wasn't for sale before and now it is!

Ever had your kids cry because their oatmeal was too hot? Or their hot chocolate? Or their Ramen? And then you try to put ice cubes in it to cool it down and it just gets runny? Now you can use the Koolspoon! It is a spoon with gel in it that makes food cool. You keep it in the freezer and when you need it- wham!- you can pull it out and your food is cooled!

We kindly received some free Koolspoons in the mail and the kids LOVE them! They kept asking for hot food for breakfast and lunch so they can use them. The spoons cooled the food pretty quickly and they could eat almost right away.

We are so excited for Koolspoons! Shout the word to all your friends and family! Buy them as birthday/Christmas presents! Spread the word!

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---note: all koolspoons are 30% off right now for their summer sale! :)

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