July 17, 2011

Hill Cumorah!!!

We have wanted to go to the Hill Cumorah Pagent, in Palmyra New York since we moved to the East four years ago. We finally decided that this would be the year and we blocked out the first weekend it was showing (it shows for 2 weekends) and booked a hotel for 2 days in Rochester, NY. We made the 6 hr drive to Palymra on Thursday morning with all 4 kids in tow. True to form, the kids asked once "Are we there yet?" and I replied that we would be there around 3 pm. They then kept asking "What time is it?" "2:10" "What time is it now?" "2:12" "What time is it now?" "2:14. And DON'T ASK ME AGAIN!" The drive went by pretty smoothly and we reached our hotel.

It didn't take us long to find the indoor pool and the kids were thrilled. We went out to eat at Famous Dave's (who has a Dave day on Aug. 15th and everyone who is named Dave gets to eat free- take note: David and Dave A.!) and then made our way to the pool for a good hour of splashing/jumping/laughing.

Palmyra, NY Temple

Asher, Ethan, Jonah and Elizabeth. We dressed them all in matching t-shirts so we could find them in the crowds at the Pagent.

The next day was our big day and we started it off with a visit to the Palmyra, New York Temple. It was so pretty and small compared to the D.C. one.

I loved the Sacred Grove. It was a lot bigger than I imagined. I imagined a small thatch of trees when in reality it is a large forest. There were new and old trees- small and big trees and I was amazed at the reverent hush of the people walking there and the sweetness of the Spirit. It took me awhile to feel it, but when I did- it was amazing and something I will never forget. A place of revelation, a place for contemplation, a place for strengthening your testimony.

A shadow from the leaves in the sacred grove. The other pictures are on my other camera. I often take pictures using both cameras and then don't know which camera holds what.

The log cabin where Joseph Smith and his family lived when he had the first vision and where the Angel Moroni also appeared to him and told him about the gold plates.

Inside the log cabin

Nauvoo Temple peeking out from the trees near the Sacred Grove

At the Pagent- waiting for it to start!

Taking pictures with some of the cast. We wanted to take more but the kids were all very shy and vetoed me. Oh, well!

The Pagent was AMAZING. The stories from the Book of Mormon were re-told and we took the opportunity to teach the kids more about them while they watched. Nephites came and left. Lamanites turned good. Christ came and visited the Americas. It was wonderful. A wonderful, great family vacation. All through the day the kids kept asking when they could go to the hotel and swim again. We did the next morning and then headed home! What a trip!

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Fox and Amy said...

Wow--I am jealous that you live so close to such cool stuff! That is so neat that you got to see the Sacred Grove! Your kids are so cute, too! Love you!

Larissa said...

SO neat! That pic of the kids with the characters is great since they are all looking and smiling - one good one is all you need! Fun times! Thanks for the post card too!!!