July 8, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Asher!

10 Things you may or may not know about Asher-

10. His first name is Joseph. I really wanted to call him Joseph but with a Jonah and a Josh already around, we changed his middle name to Asher and have been using it ever since. I love it now!

9. Asher wants to be just like his older brothers. Everything they do. He does. Usually it's a good thing.

8. Asher loves, loves, loves Star Wars. He usually can't follow the plot line in the movies, so he mostly likes to read the Star Wars books. He also likes Spiderman as well.

7. For his big birthday he asked for a bow and arrow set, a spider man watch and a Transformer dress up outfit complete with mask and a full body suit.

6. Asher is almost the same size as the boys, wears the same size shoe and clothes and they are often asked "are you guys triplets?" Funny.

5. He has lived 4 years of his life in Maryland and his first year of life in Utah.

4. He shares a room with Elizabeth and sometimes they chat quietly at night.

3. He knows how to count to 120, knows almost all his letters and is still working on some letter sounds.

2. He is very excited to go to Kindergarten and be at a school with the rest of the kids.

1. He is absolutely thrilled to be FIVE years old!

Asher, we love you! Thank you for making us laugh, for keeping us young and for simply bringing happiness to our lives. Asher means Happy and that is what you are.

We love you, birthday boy!

Mom and Dad

ps. this morning Asher said "When I am the birthday boy, I am going to share with everyone!" So sweet!


Fox and Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Asher! We love you!!

Larissa said...

So sweet! Those photos are so great and really capture his personality! We love you Asher and hope you had a fun day of sharing and got all you wanted (:

Joanie said...

Love that picture with the wet face! I want a copy! Asher IS so sweet...what a lucky family we are to have him. Asher always makes me smile!