July 10, 2011

Fourth of July and Fishing!

On Saturday, July 2, we took the kids to a free fishing class held at Seneca Creek State Park. I heard of it while doing a Park Quest (an awesome event held by Maryland State Parks where you do fun quests at each one of their state parks for free) and jumped on board! The kids were so excited to go!

We decided to start with just 2 rods but the teacher handed out 2 more and soon all were fishing. It started off slowly- with another kid catching one and another. Finally Jonah caught one and we were thrilled! Then Elizabeth then Ethan and then Asher. I couldn't keep up fast enough. The instructors would un-hook the fish and toss it into a cooler before I could say cheese and snap a photo.

After about a half hour in the sun of this fishing and having caught about 9 fish, we headed off on our own to the lake's shore and ended up catching 3 more. It was so fun!

To sum it all up, the kids are asking when they can go again and I'm trying hard to find a spot in our weekend to go. Maybe I can brave up and take all 4 by myself! Then, again. Maybe not.

Fourth of July was amazing. In the morning the kids marched in the local parade with their Swim Team- The Whetstone Whales. We came home and then went hiking on the Billy Goat Trail at the C & O canal. I stayed at the head of the trail since I wasn't feeling so well and read. The kids had a lot of fun!

That evening we had a yummy dinner of watermelon and baked chicken (Abbott style) and mashed potatoes and then we went over to a friend's house to watch the fireworks from their backyard. It ended up raining so we were glad we didn't go anywhere else.

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