July 25, 2011

Activity Days

Now that we are moving, I have been reflecting on the callings I've held in this ward and the things that I have learned. I have learned and grown so much! For the past four years I have been the Ward Music Chairman. I've coordinated the music for Sacrament Mtg and made sure everyone knew what the hymns would be for Sunday and who was playing the organ and who was conducting. We had 3-4 organists and 2 conductors as of late. I would also assign myself to play the piano in sacrament mtg. once or twice and that challenged me a bit1

I have played the piano in Relief Society for 4 years as well. I love playing the piano and don't mind sitting behind a beautiful instrument and playing it each Sunday but I am excited to get a chance to chat with the women before Relief Society starts for a change. That is unless they call me to play the piano in Primary! (2 hours long!) Maybe I shouldn't tell them I play the piano!

For the past 3 years, I have been an Activity Days Leader and have worked with the 8-12 yr old girls. We have activities every other Tuesday and have had a lot of fun. I have worked with three partners on and off and now and this has been my absolute favorite calling. They would keep asking me how I was doing in the calling and I would say just fine! I love working with these beautiful girls. Their testimonies and strength of spirit touched mine, especially as I kept serving all through my depression and diagnosis of bipolar.

I am so sad to let these girls go. They are like my children. I have been working alone with them for a little while now and I was hoping to find out who would be called to replace me so that I could hand over my materials and let them know how sweet all these girls are. They will soon find out on their own. I sure am going to miss these beautiful faces!

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