June 15, 2011

School is (almost) Out!

the kids at the park!

The last day of school for my kiddos is tomorrow, but I might as well blog about it today since after tomorrow my ability to sit down at the computer uninterrupted will be minimal. Actually, if I put a movie on for all four kids, I can usually get about an hour. After an hour the boys get bored- even if it's a movie they like- and begin wrestling with each other, which leads to bonked noses which leads to bloody noses and we don't want that.

So, I guess I will be able to blog. But, my mind will be filled with visions of team practices, homemade lunches scattered across the kitchen island and all those trails of treasures boys- and all kids- seem to leave behind them. I always know whose trail is whose. Ethan leave coins, leaves he has collected from outside, checkers and whatever snack they were eating- granola bar crumbs, etc. Jonah leaves behind dead ants (he likes to look at them in his microscope), his favorite red jacket that often needs washing (which he often wears to breakfast because he is cold- ?- and then leaves somewhere). Elizabeth leaves chapter books- she's currently reading 2 or 3, notes to friends and hair things that she pulls off of her head. Asher leaves tiny dinosaurs, some pokemon things he got at 5 below and paper airplanes.

So, until school starts up once again, my blogging may take a flogging. See what I mean? It's beginning already!!!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

What trail do I leave behind? Ok- you caught me! I leave behind novels, the ensign (half read), my phone- battery almost used up, and post-it notes.

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