June 23, 2011

Funny Kid's Writing!

Ethan's first Maryland crab. Delicious!!!!

As I was sorting and organizing school papers, I found some really funny writing.

Ethan's paper said-

"Write something you would like to learn about Spring."

Ethan wrote:

"I would lik to learn to not tuch posin ivey."

Yep, he had poison ivy once. He will always remember the itching, the scratching, the pain. When we are out hiking all I have to say if he is off the trail "Ethan, poison ivy" and he is outta there!

For Father's Day each kid wrote something about their Dad.

Jonah wrote: "I know my Dad loves me because he hugs me." So sweet.

Ethan wrote: "I know my Dad loves me because I love him." Aw.

We came back from a Maryland Park Quest this afternoon and both Ethan and Jonah (and Asher) fell asleep on the way back. Asleep, Ethan and Jonah look pretty much identical (ok- most people think they are always identical- to me it is only when they are asleep or their heads are turned or I can't see their face). They reminded me of when they used to sleep together, side by side in their bassinet in their pack and play. So tiny, so innocent. I love those twins of mine! Seven! Twelve years until they go on a mission! We gotta get cracking!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

ps- I've been quite high energy lately. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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