June 22, 2011

The Dentist and His Orange Nose

Teacher gifts for the end of the year

Turns out I still have 40 more posts to go until I reach 1,000! Phew. That shows you how good my math skills are! I guess I have more time to think of something!

My little baby got a cavity filled today (Tuesday). Actually, two of my little babies got cavities filled. I took all four kids to the dentist yesterday and Ethan had 2 cavities and Asher had one! Jonah had none and Elizabeth had a small one in a baby tooth that they will just let fall out. I was sad. Turns out 6 years old do need to floss. Especially mine- who have tight gaps between their teeth. Poor little guys.

When we got home the dentist called and said they had a cancellation and could fit Asher and Ethan in the next day to get it fixed. The dentist will be gone for the next two and a half weeks on vacation (to Spain! Jealous!) and so we went for it!

Asher's cavity was small and simple. No needles and it took 3 minutes tops. He even got a matchbox car afterwards. Upon leaving Asher said "Dr. Bob is the BEST Dr. EVER!" as he skipped across the parking lot. Phew. Good experience. Check. Stress for Mom? Check- but not so bad.

Ethan is seven and his cavity was bigger. He got to use some nitric oxide and choose between an orange, grape, cherry or lemon nose. He chose orange. And while Elizabeth, Jonah and Asher were playing video games out front (yes- they have a video game- how cool is that?), Ethan breathed the orange creamsicle in and didn't even know he was getting a shot. Stress free visit? No. A lot less stress? You bet! And all the while we chatted about Spain and New York. (Love New York! We are going there on July 7th and 8th to see the Pagent!)

The weather here has been kooky- rainy in the morning and all through swim practice and then sunny and hot later. Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'll leave with you with one of my new favorite finds: www.giggle.com I will be buying the wooden blocks- we've been wanting them for years! Right when the new month starts as I have used up all of my budget for this month!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

-There was a child with Autism there at our visit on Monday. Poor kid. Poor Mother. He had no idea what was going to happen- or maybe he did- but he did not like it and screamed throughout the whole process- which made his 6 month old baby brother cry as well. So rough.

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