September 8, 2013

Fun Things Online

While staying home from Church, drinking watered down Ginger Ale, munching on cheerios and saltines and trying not to toss my cookies, I came across a few wonderful things on the internet that are just too good not to share.

#1. Enduring Love- a newish Mormon Message about love in Marriage. Okay. I cried on this one. Tears streaming. Definitely the pregnancy hormones, but I seriously love this one! Also, check out the new Mormon Messages on the 'Bread of Life' as well. A wonderful Sunday message by Elder D. Todd Christofferson on relying on Christ day by day. Something I definitely need to do as each day in this pregnancy has been a challenge for me.

via LDS Living
#2. Why Mormons are Obsessed with Pinterest- and that's okay. An article on LDS living about why Mormon Women love Pinterest. I love Pinterest- don't you? Especially as we get ready for this little one. Did you know you can make a secret Pinterest board? Yep, that's where all my Pregnancy links are going so far!
**Did you know that the new General YW President of the Church has a Pinterest page?! How cool is that? You should follow her- I am! ;)

Margaret Hansen- our kid's Great-Great Grandmother, pic via Judy Abbott & Eternal Lives. 
Isn't she beautiful?

#3. Eternal Lives. This is Josh's new family history blog. He does a wonderful job of sharing family stories that make them come alive. He has done an amazing job with it and I'm super proud of him! Check it out!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

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