October 8, 2012

Latest Update

We've been paying the kids for odd jobs around the house and Asher is thrilled!


Looking out our front window.

- I have had/will have 6 sub jobs this week and last week. I'm making up for the fact that next week is Fall Break (no school for the kiddos!) and thus no work for me! My hardest assignment was 6th grade last Thursday. I don't do 6th grade, but I know the teacher, so I said yes. I was delighted to be greeted by a student teacher when I walked in and he did most of the teaching while I held down the fort. A tender mercy! My easiest job is as an aide for 2nd graders with intermediate autism. I make sure 1 or 2 are doing their work and it's pretty basic. Love it!

-We have been put on a 6 month health hold for foster care. I called in to schedule our final interviews and when case worker mentioned that he was worried about my health condition I knew something was up so I was prepared for it. We had asked him if my health issue was okay when he started and he said yes! I have a new Dr. and have only been seeing him for 2-3 months. They were concerned about that and so we are waiting 6 months until my Dr. can say he has known me long enough. I felt conflicting emotions: a little sad, a little frustrated with the timing, but I have faith that all will work out. Plus, I get to sub and make money until then!

-It is finally getting cooler! 95 today maybe 85 on Wednesday!! Yay! I LOVE it! The heat only makes me more appreciative. The pool is too cold for me to swim in, but the kids will go in for a while. They don't mind!

-I've made 13 or so calls for Romney! Ok, so only 2 people actually answered but that's okay. The calls I was making to Florida and I was to ask 4 questions- 1. What party are you affiliated with? 2. Are you going to vote in the election? 3. Who are you going to vote for and 4. Will you help our cause in Florida? The person I spoke to for the full 4 questions was planning to vote for Obama and when I got to "will you help our cause?" I knew she wasn't going to. 

-WinCo is now open near us! I've saved $25-$30 off my weekly food budget and I'm thrilled! Plus, I love their food in bulk (chocolate gummy bears, protein powder, granola and spices! yum!)

-The kids are all doing well. Elizabeth is busy in 4th grade and Church Activity Days. The boys are busy learning division in 3rd grade (the curriculum has been pushed up a year this year) and scouts.

-I went with Josh to a lecture on neuro-science and the law at ASU and had a great time (even though they showed brain surgery pictures while we ate).

 Life is good.

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Larissa said...

Yay - keeping making those calls!! I just heard we get a WInco in Ventura in Jan 13 - I love bulk bins too! love ya!