August 29, 2011

Love it...

Asher from one of my earlier blog posts!

It's been a while since I did an I love post. So here ya go!

Deals to This website compiles 10-12 grocery stores deals onto one sheet and it can then be used to price match at your local Wal-mart. I had heard about this before, but never lived in one of the states that they do it for (they do 12 Western states). I just signed up for their free 2 week trial and am excited to go and save some money!!!

All I've been getting a new recipe each day through e-mail and I love it! Even if I don't try out the recipe, I love to get ideas- Flank Steak with Red Peppers, BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Carmel Apples. Yum! This is a cute blog about a couple who has adopted a boy and is trying to adopt again. They have marvelous music too, which always gets extra blog points!!!

Have you noticed that Halloween things are out already? Jonah said the other day- "I can't wait until October!" and I said "me too!!" Mostly because of the heat. On Friday it hit 117 in Phoenix. The hottest it's ever been in August in Phoenix ever. Our air conditioner died upstairs on Saturday so luckily we have an extra bedroom downstairs to keep cool in.

I got a free 3 week pass to our local gym- a 2 minute drive from here- and actually worked out for the first time in um, weeks? It felt amazing and I realized why I pay for a gym membership. I'm still deciding between that gym- a very air conditioned place complete with personal tvs and classes and the local Y that has a very small pool for the kids to use. Swimming for the kids? Nice gym for Mom? What do I do? We may be realizing that we have to own a pool if we live here. Arizona is the hottest place I have ever been in. Ever. It does not cool down in the summer. At all. A kind friend on facebook reminded me that I am not in the Middle East. It's true- the Middle East does get hotter than this. Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!!

And finally, one last bit of news- this is my 999th blog post!!!! I am thrilled to have been blogging for this long (about 5 yrs- since 2006- when Asher was a baby and 2007 on this blog.) I am doing a give away- a Homemade Goody Bag- complete with treats straight from my kitchen. Feel free to leave a comment and I will enter you in my Yay-I've-done-1,000-blog-posts Give Away! And I will ship it off to you by the end of this week!

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying Arizona. I wish you still lived here! Congrats on 1000 posts!! :)

Fox and Amy said...

Yay--I love these posts! And the heat--craziness! I can't wait for October, either! Congrats on all of your blog posts! I am not going to enter the giveaway, because I don't want to force you to send homemade goodies via air mail if I win. Love ya!

kristen said...

it is awesome that you are so good at keeping up on your blog. maybe some day i will do so well, but probably not. I am glad that you do though.

Hilary said...

i want goodies!